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Urbexiam was created to become the #1 urban exploration resource on the internet. When the website creators first discovered this hobby, they found it too difficult to find any relevant information that wasn’t outdated. As a result, Urbexiam was started as a way for us to share our knowledge with other explorers. We love everything related to urbex and strive to provide the best and most up-to-date information related to this hobby. We don’t believe in keeping this hobby a secret. This is why we’re sharing everything we’ve learned from our combined 15 years of direct experience of urban exploring with you all. The freedom of exploring forgotten and abandoned places is an experience we want everyone to have. It is one of the many reasons we enjoy this hobby so much and want to share it with the world. If you’re interested in urban exploration, you’ve come to the right place.


If you are inspired to visit any of the locations listed in our articles, do so at your own risk. We do not condone or encourage trespass, breaking the law, or unsafe behavior. We do not break the law when entering a site and neither should you. Entry is never forced. Your actions are your own, don’t be an idiot.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions we get asked frequently by new explorers.

I’m new to urbex, what should I know?

Start by going through our blog where we’ve written what you should learn about urbex, what’s recommended to have, and in-depth guides that’ll help you get started.

How do you find places to explore?

This is the one question beginners always ask (heck we had the same question when we started!). This is why we wrote a guide on how to find abandoned places to explore where we explain the different methods we use.

What gear do you suggest for exploring?

You really don’t need any gear for urban exploring. But it’s still a good idea to have a flashlight, respirator mask, and a couple of other items with you just in case you need them. See this urbex gear guide I wrote.

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