Scariest Urban Exploration Videos On YouTube

Back in the early days before YouTube even existed, you could only read about scary things that happened to urban explorers from private forums and crappy obscure websites.

But nowadays all you have to do is search for the scariest urban exploration videos on youtube and you’ll find THOUSANDS of videos to watch.

From explorers being chased out of buildings, to being attacked and mugged at knife-point, let’s not forget everyone’s favorite, real paranormal encounters. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are some of the scariest urban exploration videos on YouTube.

In the following videos, you’ll see urban explorers from all over the world share their creepiest experiences while exploring abandoned buildings. You’ll get to see their raw emotions and reactions to the scary scenario they just walked into.

If you’re someone who likes urban exploration but doesn’t explore themselves, I hope you find these videos interesting. On the other hand, if you are someone who does explore abandoned buildings, I hope the things in these videos NEVER happen to you!


Get Out Of My Mine!

Frank Hood from the Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places YouTube channel has explored hundreds of abandoned locations before, but none like the one in this video.

In the Summer of 2013, Frank ventured into the infamous Horton Mine. The mine is located in Pershing County, Nevada, and is famous with the locals for supposedly being haunted.

While exploring inside the mine, Frank claimed to be getting a very creepy vibe. He felt like he was being watched the whole time.

Not long after entering, weird things begin to occur. The following year after Frank filmed this video, he went back to do a part 2, which is equally terrifying.


Being Watched In Abandoned Children’s Asylum

Dan Bell is one of the most famous explorers on YouTube.

He’s had several terrifying experiences while filming inside abandoned locations. In this video, Dan was exploring a place of true nightmare fuel. An abandoned children’s asylum.

While inside exploring, Dan mentions that he felt he was being watched and was creeped out.

At 9:13 into the video, in a hole in the door where the door handle should be, a shadow moves away from behind the door. Someone or something was for sure watching Dan thru the hole.

Dan didn’t notice until after the video was posted and people started commenting about it. This is one of Dan Bell’s scariest urban exploration videos on his channel.


Attacked While Exploring a Satanic House

In 2011, 3 friends Tim, Ben, and John venture into an abandoned house in the woods near their home.

The house is famous among locals as the ‘satanic house’ where black magic and satanic rituals were supposedly performed decades ago.

People also have told stories of strange things found in this abandoned house. From dead animals to satanic artifacts.

The 3 friends dared to explore the house at night. A few minutes into their exploration,  they begin hearing strange noises upstairs.

Understandably spooked, they ran out of the house screaming. Tim and Ben managed to get out of the house but John was pulled back inside by someone or something.

In the video, you can hear John screaming his lungs out in pure fear and desperation. Was he attacked or is the whole thing staged?


Watching You Behind The Window

Frank, who runs the YouTube channel FrankoTV, was out exploring an abandoned hotel one day.

As he’s filming he comes across people who are clearly taking residence in the defunct hotel. Throughout his whole exploration, he can see and hear people walking and talking all around him. It is clear he is not alone.

Toward the end of the video Franko starts talking about wanting to leave due to not wanting to get robbed. As he’s pointing the camera at himself, you can clearly see a man in the background inside a room in a dark hoddie facing down.

It is unclear if Franko saw the man but the man definitely saw him.


Abandoned Farm Owned By A Serial Killer

Long-time adventurer and urban explorer, CJ Faison, and his good friend, Moe, were exploring an abandoned farmhouse at night owned by a convicted serial killer.

The farmhouse is located in Virginia and used to belong to a man named Ray Copeland who was arrested for the murder of 5 people in the 90s.

CJ and Moe document their exploration of the farmhouse knowing full well where they were and who the place belonged to.

Things were going fine during the start of the exploration. But their night would quickly turn sour and go down as one of the scariest urban exploration videos on CJ’s channel.

Towards the end of the video at the 23:49 mark, a man starts shouting in a deep voice to “get the f**k out of here” and “I’ll k*ll you!”.


Attacked By A Psychopath

Ghost hunter and urban explorer Andrew Duffy was inside a decrepit hotel with a history of paranormal activity.

This was Andrew’s second time in the hotel.

The first time inside he claims doors were closed on him, and pots and a kettle were thrown in his direction seemingly by themselves.

In this video, Andrew is exploring with a few friends. They make their way inside the hotel through a hole in the ground that leads them into the basement.

While inside, they start hearing strange noises. Out of nowhere, a man starts yelling at the top of his lungs for them to get out.

They get chased out of the building but one of his friends has to physically defend himself to stop the man from attacking him.

The whole situation was super intense as you can see in the video.


Chased In An Abandoned Factory

Nothing could possibly go wrong while you’re exploring a massive abandoned factory by yourself, right?

That’s what urbex YouTuber HypeMyke must have thought so. In this video, Mike was all by his lonesome exploring a long-abandoned sorting factory.

Before he can even get inside the building, he can hear loud bangs coming from inside the building. Once inside, bangs and loud crashes can be heard coming from deeper into the structure.

Being the fearless explorer he is, Mike walks deeper into the factory where he runs into a crazed individual who chases him around while shouting.

Myke isn’t one to back down from solo exploring abandoned buildings. This experience doesn’t come close to being the scariest urban exploration videos on his channel.


Gunshots and Screams At Abandoned School

Urban exploring carries many dangers.

You could be seriously injured by falling debris or you could fall through holes in the floor. One of the biggest threats to explorers, however, is people who claim abandoned buildings as their own.

In this video YouTuber Uosof Ahmadi ventures inside an abandoned school with his friends. As they’re exploring they begin to hear noises coming from rooms nearby.

As they investigate the strange sounds and walk further into the school they come across a man who tries hurriedly to walk away so as to not be spotted.

A few seconds later gunshots ring throughout the abandoned school and Uosof and his friends run out in fear.


Overnight In An Abandoned Hospital Goes Wrong

Would you take the overnight in an abandoned hospital challenge?

Most of us wouldn’t. Popular YouTuber TheFam decided he’d be up for the challenge.

Turns out it wasn’t such a good idea. Before he can make his way inside the hospital, he can hear multiple people talking within the building.

As he’s inside exploring, weird things begin to happen. Loud banging and crashes are heard all around.

Objects start being thrown at him as he’s walking around.

In one part of the video, you can clearly see a full-body shadow figure stop in its track, look directly at him then walk away.


Share Your Scariest Urban Exploration Videos

The videos in this article are merely a tiny portion of the massive amount of scary urban exploration videos on YouTube and all over the net.

Urbex is a dangerous hobby but that will never stop daring urban explorers from venturing into sinister-looking abandoned buildings.

What did you think of these videos? Are they real or are they fake?

I’d like to hear from you, what are your favorite scariest urban exploration videos on YouTube or anywhere online? Share them in the comments below!

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